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One does not simply wear custom shoes into Mordor

26 Dec


(these photos were taken on an iPhone because I was rushing to gt the gift finished. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures with a better camera soon!)

Recently an old friend from university contacted me and asked me to make him a pair of Lord of the Rings shoes for his wife. My first thought was that his wife was incredibly cool. My second thought was that I didn’t know if I could do something as detailed as he was requesting. He gave me a selection of the scenes he wanted on the shoes (warning, this is about to get very nerdy for any non-LOTR fans):

Gandalf vs. The Balrog

Mordor (the dark tower as well as Mt. Doom)

The Shire

The fall of Isengard

Dan found a nice pair of leather Chuck Taylors in his wife’s size and I went to work. I cut off the rubber patch on the sides for a smoother surface. I also suggested painting the back panels in gold and writing the inscription from the One ring ” One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them” in the original Black Speech. Dan also wanted an image of the ring on the tongue with the quote in English so obviously I did that as well.

These were a Christmas gift to his wife and apparently she enjoyed them greatly. Hopefully she wears them with nerd pride wherever she goes!

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