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26 Jun


Custom pair of Raptors kicks I made from a pair of Nike Blazers in the black, red and silver. Added the new We The North slogan during the crazy playoff series against Brooklyn and finished them right before that heartbreaking missed layup. The logos are the claw and the maple leaf featured on the back of the Raptors jerseys.

Size 11.5 and for sale (contact for information).


What’s the matter with the shoes I’m wearing…

11 Mar


Here we have a pair of Billy Joel shoes commissioned by an old friend from camp who really wanted to give a huge Billy Joel fan something special for his birthday.

The right shoe features the cover for the album Glass Houses from 1980 and the left shoe features the album The Stranger from 1977. This is the second pair of Converse that I’ve worked on and I have to say it went pretty well. I’m definitely thinking about working on more canvas sneakers in the future!

2013 Blue Jays Shoes

26 Dec


These were a pair of shoes I created for a Jays Care charity auction in September. I incorporated the new Blue Jays logo as well as the Maple Leaf logo from the batting practice/Canada Day hats. People enjoyed the look of the shoes and they ended up being sold in the auction so I was pretty happy in the end.

First Pair of 2012!

3 Jan


Had to take a bit of a break from shoes to concentrate on my actual job and volunteer coaching duties. Christmas vacation rolled around and I was able to get a few pairs of shoes done and here’s the first pair of 2012!

They are a Bar Mitzvah gift for my cousin Josh who is a huge Canadiens fan (it’s ok, I don’t hold it against him). These are based on the home jersey for the team which is mostly red with blue and white details. PK Subban is also his favorite player explaining the number 73 on the back of the shoes. Hopefully he hasn’t grown out of them in the last week!

Happy new year everyone!

Kickin’ it “Old School”

7 Jul


So I grabbed a pair of Nike Toki NDs on my last trip to the states and decided to do an homage to my (and pretty much everyone I know) favorite game system. These have never been worn before so I am willing to sell them (they’re size 10.5 US).

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsKAyUHzN_o

Nananananana Batman!

15 May


Just in time for ComicCon?

Go Leafs go!

12 May


Basically the same story as the Pittsburgh shoes… suckered into another pair

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