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What’s the matter with the shoes I’m wearing…

11 Mar


Here we have a pair of Billy Joel shoes commissioned by an old friend from camp who really wanted to give a huge Billy Joel fan something special for his birthday.

The right shoe features the cover for the album Glass Houses from 1980 and the left shoe features the album The Stranger from 1977. This is the second pair of Converse that I’ve worked on and I have to say it went pretty well. I’m definitely thinking about working on more canvas sneakers in the future!


2013 Blue Jays Shoes

26 Dec


These were a pair of shoes I created for a Jays Care charity auction in September. I incorporated the new Blue Jays logo as well as the Maple Leaf logo from the batting practice/Canada Day hats. People enjoyed the look of the shoes and they ended up being sold in the auction so I was pretty happy in the end.

Another Pair of Hockey Shoes!

20 Jun


It’s like I live in Canada or something! (I do for those of you reading this from out of the country). This pair was commissioned as a present for a Oli by his loving sister. Oli requested shoes with his favorite players and his jersey on the back. Sounded pretty simple until I got the shoes and they were black which meant painting layer after layer after layer to completely coat the shoe… lesson learned I guess.

The backs are inspired by Oli’s hockey jersey and feature his name and number. Oli asked for the shoes to feature Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Redwings (whose logo was a pleasure to paint by the way), Luke Schenn of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Wojtek Wolski, currently of the Phoenix Coyotes but in his Rangers uniform and the iconic image of Bobby Orr scoring his famous diving goal. I painted the backgrounds in the colours of their uniforms to give the shoes a bright, modern appeal instead of leaving them black and white.

Custom Wedding Shoes

20 Jun


These shoes were made for my friends Brad and Stacey’s son Ethan. He is the ring-bearer in his aunt’s wedding, hence the name and date. The colours of the wedding are purple and black and Ethan loves cars, so I put Doc and Lightning McQueen on the sides of the shoes.

First Pair of 2012!

3 Jan


Had to take a bit of a break from shoes to concentrate on my actual job and volunteer coaching duties. Christmas vacation rolled around and I was able to get a few pairs of shoes done and here’s the first pair of 2012!

They are a Bar Mitzvah gift for my cousin Josh who is a huge Canadiens fan (it’s ok, I don’t hold it against him). These are based on the home jersey for the team which is mostly red with blue and white details. PK Subban is also his favorite player explaining the number 73 on the back of the shoes. Hopefully he hasn’t grown out of them in the last week!

Happy new year everyone!

Sugar Shoes

27 Oct


First pair of commissioned shoes!

Based on our school uniform, they were commissioned for my co-coach, Lainie Sugar, by her husband Josh.

Lainie is a teacher and coach at CHAT as well as a former student and athlete of the year. The shoes are based on the colour and design of the current uniform.

Lainie’s old number is on outer back of each shoe. I also included a small locker room scene on the inside of each shoe. The right shoe has modern jerseys with the names of their 3 daughters and the left shoe has older jerseys with Lainie and Josh’s old numbers from high school.

Oh Canada

26 Jul



These are a pair of Nike Sweet Classic High’s that I grabbed recently and I wanted to do something a little more simple and understated than I had done for the last couple of pairs. The original colours for the shoes were red and white anyways so I was inspired to create a pair that honours my home and native land.

Click on the Gallery link for more images including the silver and copper maple leaf logos that really pop when in the right light. Really proud of these ones!

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